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Oversight Pro

Remote platform for global specialized services.

Access & Security

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If you've been given a passkey to register with Oversight Pro, or if you've already registered, click "Sign-in" to continue. For more information or to obtain a passkey, please contact us.

Google: For added security, ease of registration, and more, the entire Oversight Pro log-in system is powered by Google's OAuth 2.0 system.

Privacy, and more: Please review our privacy policy which includes our consumer data privacy policy and all legal terms and conditions.

Stripe: Regarding Oversight Pro's onboarding and payment process, any credit card or ACH payments, or payouts, are powered by Stripe. The security of Stripe's financial data systems are unrivaled in the industry. When you are approved for access, if needed, you will connect to Stripe's onboarding process of connecting your accounts for payment/payouts. More information can be found at Stripe's terms of service.