Financial News: Lavrov helps stocks rebound

Financial News:

Lavrov helps stocks rebound

Sergeń≠ Viktorovich Lavrov

Only a blip, but Russia's Lavrov proposes Russia continue diplomatic work in European security push and stocks immediately respond positively.

Putin was advised by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday that Moscow should maintain its diplomatic stance as Ukraine tensions continue to escalate.

US initiatives to reduce military risks have been made, but European Union and NATO military alliance reactions have not been adequate according to Lavrov.

Moscow has repeatedly denied that it plans to invade Ukraine. Irresponsible and inflammatory media seems to disagree.

Photo: Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov is a Russian diplomat and politician who has served as the Foreign Minister of Russia since 2004. As a member of the United Russia party, he was previously the Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations, serving in the role from 1994 to 2004.

Friday's discussions with Sergey Lavrov mark the end of a whistlestop tour through Europe by Blinken [Russian Foreign Ministry/Handout via Reuters]

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