Financial News: Omicron less of business threat?

Financial News:

Omicron less of business threat?

Jobs available

Despite companies asking workers to work from home due to the omicron strain, hiring is projected to have been strong and broad-based in December.

Some say omicron is not threatening business as much as media hypes.

According to Dow Jones, economists expect 422,000 new jobs in December, up from 210,000 in November. The unemployment rate is predicted to drop to 4.1 percent, down a tenth of a percentage point.

"Anybody can get a job who wants one. We said that in the dot-com times, and it was nothing like this..." Tom Gimbel, CEO of Chicago-based LaSalle Network.

Photo: A sign outside a restaurant on Deer Park Avenue in North Babylon, New York shows openings for all positions on November 12, 2021. John Paraskevas | Newsday | Getty Images

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