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Our trading signals are based on unique proprietary algorithms and predictive research that have a proven record of increasing profits for day traders.

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We guarantee 25% average minimum profit per month for all our posted signals. If your monthly average does not reach 25%, you will get a free Whale.Tips access for a month.

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Simple, concise, mathematically and statistically reproducible trading tips show exactly what stocks and at what time we buy and sell. Whale.Tips daily watchlist is sent out before the market opens and users receive actionable trading tips and relevant news daily.

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About us

Seasoned day traders

We are seasoned day traders with extensive background in IT who started out trading chained to a screen, watching the markets and waiting for the best day trading setup. We immediately felt the need to filter out the noise and find simple, concise, mathematically and statistically reproducible formulas.

That is how we created our winning day trading strategy that uses proprietary algorithms and predictive research that brings notable results. Now, we wish to share this knowledge to other traders and help them make more profitable decisions as well.



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